Sateen Weave

What is a sateen weave?

Sateen is one of the four basic woven fabric structures (the others being plain weave, satin and twill). The sateen weave is characterised by ‘floating’ yarns which produce a high lustre on one side of the fabric, thanks to the very few breaks and cross-overs in the finished material. Warp yarns are floated over weft yarns, for example five over and one under. Because there are few binding points, the weft yarns are able to pack very tightly together which creates the smooth and shiny fabric on one side.

Sateen should not be confused with satin, which has a very shiny finish. Sateen is rather lustrous than shiny, and possesses more of a sheen than standard weaves. For this reason, this fabric produces less friction so is particularly smooth to the touch. The construction of the fabric gives it a grain, so will drape beautifully over the bed, or when used as curtains.

URBANARA uses sateen weaves for bed linen collections, and because of the construction of the fabric, the collections possess a very generous thread count making it durable and long-lasting. Bed linen manufactured using this weave is smooth and feels cool in summer, but is nonetheless thick, so is insulating in the colder months. It has a refined finish with more flair than a standard weave.


Fabrics made with a sateen weave are very smooth, flat and lustrous on one side. The reverse side is dull and non-shiny.

Fabrics woven in sateen weave

Brocade, cotton sateen, damask, satin.

Uses in home furnishings

Sateen weave is typically used to make bed linen and curtains.