Nylon is a synthetic man-made material which may be produced in sheet form or fibre form. It is produced through a complex two-step chemical and manufacturing process that first creates the fibre’s strong polymers, then binds them together to create a strong fibre. Nylon fibres are thermoplastic or heat-sensitive by nature, and they may be used in continuous filament form or chopped into shorter staple lengths and spun into yarns with different characteristics. Nylon is a popular choice for fabrics and fabric blends.

Properties and qualities

Nylon is a very strong, lightweight and durable material. It is resistant to heat and tears and has a low absorbency rate. It also takes on dye extremely well.

How does it feel?

Nylon has a silky texture.


Nylon fabrics can be machine washed on a cold water setting. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your nylon product.