Metal is found naturally in the earth, in rocks which contain metallic ores. Once the ore has been extracted from the earth, it is crushed and ground in large machines to separate the rock from the metal. Mining companies then use one of a few processes to transform the raw metal into a final product, including chemical treatment, electrolysis and carbon-reduction through heating the metal in a furnace.

Properties and qualities

A metal is a solid material which has high electrical conductivity, lustre and malleability. These characteristics are due to metal’s crystalline internal structure with atoms that are arranged and linked in an orderly, specific manner, on planes which allow the atoms to slide when any type of force is exerted on them. It is is this that makes metals malleable. Metals have a nucleus with a positive charge and electrons with a negative charge revolving around it, which means they are able to conduct heat and electricity.

How does it feel?

Metal typically feels hard.


Metal can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Make sure that the power is switched off if you are cleaning metal items, such as lamps, that are attached to electrical outlets. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your metal product.