Discover how your favourite woven fabric is created in the URBANARA Buying Guide

Image showing basket weave knit in blue wool fabric
Basket Weave
Light brown material woven in flat weave
Flat Weave
Blue and white patterned material with herringbone weave
Herringbone Weave
Jacquard Weave
Close up of blue fabric with percale weave
Percale Weave
Close-up of grey material with plain weave
Plain Weave
Close-up of white fabric with sateen weave
Sateen Weave
Close-up of brown material made with a terry towel weave
Terry Towel Weave
Close up of grey material with twill weave
Twill Weave
URBANARABuying Guide_weave_waffle_2
Waffle Weave
Dark red fabric with zero twist weave
Zero Twist Weave