Goose Down


Goose down is the layer of underplumage that geese have beneath their feathers to keep them warm and dry. A down cluster is soft and fluffy and has filaments growing in all directions. Unlike feathers, down does not have quills. Goose down is traditionally used to fill pillows, duvets and other types of bedding. Goose down clusters are superior as they have larger and so possess more fill power and therefore have better insulating properties than down from any other bird.

Properties and qualities

Goose down is luxuriously soft, resilient and has excellent insulating properties. It varies in colour from white to dark gray. It is also extremely breathable. Water vapour can pass through the down whilst the air pockets retain their warmth. These properties make goose down is an excellent choice of filling for duvets and other bedding.

How does it feel?

Goose down is very soft.


We recommend that goose down items should be dry cleaned by cleaners experienced in washing down. However, goose down can also be machine washed at home. If machine washing it yourself, it is best it is washed with warm water and a gentle detergent. Wash on a delicate cycle, and machine dry on the lowest setting. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your goose down product.