Camel Hair


Camel hair is a natural animal fibre that is derived from either the Bactrian camel or the dromedary camel. It is classed as a speciality hair fibre. Both the strong, coarse outer hair and the soft, fine undercoat are used to make the fabric. Typically derived from China and Mongolia, as well as countries further afield including Australia and New Zealand, camel hair is gathered during molting season before being washed, dried and spun into yarn.

Properties and qualities

Camel hair is incredibly warm as a result of its thermostatic properties which protect the animal from extremely cold conditions in the desert at night, as well as keeping it cool from the heat in the day. The undercoat fibres are very soft with a natural lustre. The natural colours of the camel hair give the fabric its characteristic colours, which ranges from light tan to dark brown.

How does it feel?

Camel hair is very soft and fine.


Camel hair products should be dry cleaned. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your camel hair product.