What is Brass?

Brass is a metal composed primarily of copper and zinc. As copper is the main component, it is usually classified as a metal alloy. The process of making brass is thousands of years old, but it was only in 1781 in England that the brass-making process was finally patented.

Properties and qualities

Typically, brass is a fairly strong metal but relatively malleable, so it can be easily shaped into various forms, including pipes, radiators, screws, musical instruments and lamps. It has an attractive reflective surface and is relatively resistant to tarnishing. The colour of brass varies from dark reddish brown to a light silvery yellow depending on how much zinc is present (if it is lighter, it contains more zinc). Brasses with a higher percentage of zinc are stronger and harder, but more difficult to mould and are less resistant to corrosion. We use this material largely for its aesthetic qualities: it’s perfect for lamps and candle holders where the light reflects the metallic surface.

How does it feel?

Brass has a smooth, hard surface.


Brass can be cleaned by wiping down with a cloth soaked in soapy warm water. For best results, refer to the care instructions that come with your product.