Colour Story: Into the Blue

Blue and white is a timeless colour combination, versatile enough to work in all interiors. Traditionally, blue symbolises calm, tranquillity and peace whereas white remains light and serene. Teamed together these two colours make a harmonious couple. Both also play a prominent part in nature – think white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky, or blue ocean waves crashing on to white sand. When transferred to the home, it’s easy to see why this comforting mix is a popular choice for interiors. The pairing of blue and white also works all year round, keeping rooms cool and fresh in the summer heat and offsetting the darkness of winter.

Liven up your living room with blue accents in the form of candles, vases or lamps. Bright blue cushions on a white sofa conjure up a maritime look, which can be played up with the addition of stripes. Want to evoke the tranquility of the seaside? Try draping an ocean blue throw over the back of an armchair or sofa. To combat the problem of a room appearing too cool when decorated solely in blue and white, break up the combination with pieces in cream, beige or brown tones.

Blue and white textiles help you to create depth in a room. A blue patterned bedspread or quilt is a brilliant addition to crisp white bed linen to make both shades pop. A turquoise blanket or throw draped over your bed or sofa also adds a burst of colour to any white-walled room.

Blue and white is also a sophisticated look for any dining table. Blue napkins contrasted against a white tablecloth or white bone china both add a touch of finesse to any dining setting. Alternatively, make this colour scheme a permanent part of mealtime by investing in dinnerware with an attractive blue and white pattern. For something more sporadic, a blue and white flower arrangement or blue name placeholders both bring a decorative touch to the table that will truly impress your dinner guests.