Bedspreads and cushions: A pair to build a dream on

Bedspreads and cushions will transform your bedroom

The bed is a place of rest and rejuvenation; the place where we recover from the day and prepare to start again each morning. Our beds are undeniably functional pieces, and our choice of pillows, duvets and bed linen is based on this fact – before any aesthetic considerations come into play. When dressing our beds, we select materials that promote good sleep, that are thermo-regulating, soft and absorbent. Fillings and finishes are also important – it’s one way to naturally temper allergies, and to keep the home feeling fresh.

Yes, our beds are undeniably important. But when it comes to living, we often neglect the bedroom, simply dismissing it as a place we go to close our eyes. It often remains hidden, concealed behind closed doors and curtains, decorated for function, not fashionable fantasy.

With bedspreads and cushions, your bedroom is a second living space

But that we should use our bed for sleeping alone is nonsense. The bedroom is a retreat – the most private of living spaces in our home – and with a little attention to décor your bedroom will shine like the beacon of relaxation it’s meant to be, proving a relaxing space that you’ll enjoy spending time in with your eyes open, not just when you’re getting shuteye.

Here are a few simple ways to bring your fabulous bedroom out of the closet (excuse the pun) and into centre stage.

Why use a bedspread and cushions?

Besides ornaments on your bedside tables and the art on your bedroom walls, your bed is the centrepiece of the room. It’s where the eye is first drawn, taking up the most space, and defining the function of the room, so it deserves special attention when decorating.

Something as simple as adding a bedspread and matching cushions will lift the look of your room, without a lick of paint or a change of furniture. But the bedspread and cushion combinations aren’t just for looks – covering your bed with a day quilt and piling on cushions will turn your night bed into a day bed, protecting your linen and making it perfect for laying on whilst reading or resting (or sitting on the end of the bed, wondering what to wear).

There are a couple of ways to style and combine bedspreads and cushions for vastly different effects.

Matching cushions and bedspread – a uniform look

If you love the idea of a traditional style room, a sleek finish, or a hotel look, then matching cushion and quilt combinations with your décor are the way to go. In a small room, a double bed can look particularly large and cumbersome, but by choosing cushions and a quilt that blends into the wall colour, you’ll help minimise its domination of the room. Muted tones and neutral designs make the room calm and relaxing – easy on the mind and the eye. Subtle embroidery and complementing patterns – using the same tones throughout – help to add elegance and give a high-quality finish.


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Contrasting cushions

Whether block-coloured or patterned, bold or subdued, achieve a statement look by selecting a simple bedspread and using cushions as special accents. On a calm-looking quilt, it’s easy to combine different cushions for an endless variation of finishes.

Choose cushions for a versatile look

Depending on the season and mood, you can go wild with patterns and intense pops of colour. There are no limits to your creativity, and individual cushions can be easily exchanged according to your whims and moods. Enjoy your cushion pile and discover your own style!


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Patterned & geometric bedspreads

Selecting a graphic or geometric bedspread makes a strong style statement in a room, and draws immediate attention to your bed. Temper or strengthen the statement by choosing contrasting or complementary colours, or with the size and contrast of the design.

Striped bedspreads

Vertical stripes (from the head to the foot of the bed) make your bed look narrower; a good tip to keep in mind for small bedrooms. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, emphasise the width of your bed, and invite you to spread out and relax. Pick up the colours of your bedroom’s palette with your patterned bedspread to expertly compliment your décor.

Styling patterned bedspreads

Depending on the intensity of the bedspread, it’s a good idea use matching geometric or patterned cushions to avoid colour and design clashes, or to select cushions in a plain design in similar colours. Of course, the bed makes a fantastic canvas for pattern blocking: but be sure to stick with the existing shades in your décor, and limit the use of bold primary colours, to avoid an unrestful atmosphere.


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Buying the right size bedspread

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the right size bedspread and cushions. Keep the overhang length in mind in particular: a quilt is designed to have a little extra on the sides and the end of the bed. Too long or too short and it can look ill-fitting.

Generally, a bedspread should have a little excess on all sides, and be roughly the same length. If your bed has a footer, you should remember that you won’t need as much overhang for the end.

Check the size chart that’s available in the product details of each of URBANARA’s bedspreads for tips on how to measure your quilt and find the perfect size for you. If you have questions about bedspread sizes, need more advice, or have a special size request, freecall URBANARA from Mainland UK on 0800 77 97 527.