Beautiful bouquets with florist Annett Kuhlmann

As an anniversary gift or unexpected surprise, fresh flowers give the lucky recipient with an instant mood lift. But which flowers make the best present, and what’s the best way to create a seasonal bouquet? Florist Annett Kuhlmann, CEO of stylish Berlin flower shop Marsano gives us her expert tips.

Leaves on the lower stem should be removed to keep the bouquet fresh

Which flowers are best to give as a gift?

This really depends on the host’s personal taste and the occasion. If you are invited to a dinner with friends, why not bring along a range of seasonal herbs in a simple pot? Otherwise, a loose bouquet of summer flowers such as dahlias, sweet pea or branch-grown roses will look lovely.

What else can you recommend for a summery bouquet?

There are virtually no limits. You can use wild and typical garden flowers, relaxing the overall look with grasses and loose ferns or combining with exotic stems such as Vanda or Cymbidium orchids. Your summer bouquet will look especially nice when tonal colours are combined – for example, pink and orange. Alternatively, use a range of succulents for good contrast.

Pot plants or fresh flowers in the home – which is better?

Both! It’s easy to keep things summery inside by placing a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers in a vase. Annett Kuhlmann and her team Annett Kuhlmann and her team Otherwise, fresh mint, twining nasturtiums or hydrangeas are great out on the balcony.

So what are your tips for keeping balcony flowers alive?

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area facing the sun, a colourful balcony or patio filled with home-grown fruits and vegetables is a must. Strawberries, tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, cabbages, various herbs… these can be planted alongside geraniums and petunias, creating a variety of shapes and colours. However, if your outdoor area is rather shady, create a small landscape with ferns, wood and stones.

What’s the best way to create a homemade bouquet?

Consider what furniture or statement pieces you have at home and select flowers to either match or contrast their colours and shapes. Here there are no specific rules, but try to work with high and low proportions in the vases. One important tip: the leaves on the lower portion of the stem should be removed from the cut flower. This will help the bouquet stay fresh in the vase for longer.

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