Autumn/Winter 2017: The New Regal

Introducing Autumn/Winter 2017

September, 2017: The new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection has landed, and we’re particularly excited about this year. For the first time, we shot our collection in a beautiful period home in Berlin, the city where URBANARA was born.

Steeped in character and history, it was the perfect place to shoot our new season. Influenced by the old-world charm of far-flung regions, our Autumn/Winter collection brings regal back into the spotlight, reinterpreted for the modern home…

Discover the new pieces in the new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.

Inspired by…

Autumn/Winter 2017 - checks & florals

This season is all about introducing regal, majestic flair into a modern environment.

The combination of traditional, old-world patterns, like Chinoiserie florals and Celtic checks, give this Autumn/Winter a seasoned, worldly vibe. Motifs that have been tried and tested act as the points of interest against a pulled-back canvas, invoking the stories of well-travelled merchants and customs inherited along the way.

Majestic meets rustic…

Luxe materials like velvet, cashmere, and brass add a majestic touch, but are kept as sparse accents against more wholesome, earthy fibres like wool and linen… highlighting the noble qualities of natural materials.

Autumn/Winter 2017 - Cashmere loungewear

Darks on darks, lights on lights…

Unsurprisingly, dark, moody colour pairings feature heavily. Aubergine, royal blue, deep red, forest green, and charcoal create sophisticated spaces, kept down-to-Earth thanks to wholesome textures.

Sateen, linen, and lighter cottons feature in lighter palettes of greys, blues, and even mustard – allowing room for bolder patterns to take centre stage.

Autumn/Winter 2017 - linen bedroom
Autumn/Winter 2017 - details

Photography: Se7entyn9ne