Introducing Autumn/Winter 2016

Maison et Objet 2016

It’s time to disconnect from our hyper-connected lives and leave the stress and bustle of our daily routine behind us. As we unwind, we begin to refocus on the most elemental values: those which give us a sense of wholeness and well-being; those which make us feel grounded and at home. Centring our minds on strength, integrity and openness, we are drawn instinctively to nature, its qualities reflecting our most basic of wonts. Perfect in its imperfection, honest in its organic form, its earthy hues, textural woods and rugged fibres are strong and uncomplicated. The pillar of our lives and homes.

We invite the outside in. The people and places around us influence our lives and create a place for exchange. Warmth and safety – all that is tried and true – envelop us in its comforting embrace as we share time, laughs and stories with loved ones. It exists in the present… tangible like the grain of wood, easy like the smoothness of stone. Cultural sensibility and the world’s natural beauty combine to create a home full of life and experience. Our lives and the world around us blend together, like colours through an autumn mist, settling and comforting.

Introducing the new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.


Earth tones, at once rich and reticent, soft and intense, sooth the mind and create a calming atmosphere. Ruby red and mustard, rose quartz and pigeon blue bring vitality to the home.


Simple pleasures done well promote rest and wellbeing, inviting us to relish small moments. Quality fibres like cashmere – the world’s best – boast truly timeless design and make luxury a part of the everyday.


Soft yet strong, simple yet luxurious, convivial yet cool: smooth stone and minerals paired with rugged wool and lustrous fibres exude chic comfort and denote conscious blends.


We invite the outside in, embracing materials from the earth and flavours from the world to create a space that’s open and sincere. Where every ingredient counts and flavours are balanced but surprising…