The Autumn / Winter 2015 Collection

Autumn/Winter 2015

With anticipation, you climb the steps of the stately home. On cue, your host, dapper and refined, swings open the heavy doors and ushers you into the grand hall: the scene for the evening.

The brass door handles and moulded cornices are a testament to the home’s heritage – witness to many a grand event. Heavy velvet curtains, draping onto the wide wood parquetry, are a rich contrast to clean-lined furnishings that honour simplicity of form. Sophisticated and eclectic, each piece is curated to fit seamlessly together, telling tales of voyage and vivacity, a personal expression of a bon vivant.

A leather armchair, a newspaper folded over its arm, its cushions softened with age and use, stands proudly in a corner. As you sink into its homely embrace, your eyes rest on a brushed brass bar cart, bedecked with mismatched crystal glasses, ready for the cocktail hour.

As the light outside begins to wane, the twinkle of candles on the marble mantelpiece brighten the room with their soft, warm light. Swizzle sticks chink against guests’ glasses, high notes in the babble of conversation. Against this backdrop – at once casual and luxurious – stories are exchanged and new memories are forged, a remembrance of times past, anticipation of those still to come…

Welcome to our Autumn / Winter 2015 collection, an ode to the glory of the 20th century reinterpreted for today’s times.