4 ideas for your Easter Table Setting

For many, Easter is much-loved time of year. Winter is coming to an end and the weather is turning, and it’s the first long break after what inevitably becomes a busy, hurried part of the year.

It’s a time too when we become bombarded with seasonal trinkets and tired, bunny rabbit motifs. Before you know it, the world has descended down Alice’s rabbit hole and we’re seeing barn yard animals at every turn.

It’s sometimes hard to escape the kitsch and focus on what’s important, but by using pretty, well-considered pieces and small personal touches, you can create a special event with family and friends, without a rabbit or chicken in sight.

Beautiful Easter table settings

Decorated Eggs

While the bunny rabbit is a contrived Easter motif, the origins of the humble egg (not the chocolate variety) as a symbol of Easter is rooted in many cultures and traditions. As a special feature, paint some boiled eggs with a white paint marker. If you prefer a colourful setting, read our DIY egg decorating article for tips.

Breaking Bread

Rustic and real, the idea of ‘breaking bread’ itself implies sharing a meal with family and friends. A whole loaf on a table suggests an informality and closeness, while the importance of sharing bread is appreciated by most cultures around the globe. Do as the Italians do and serve the whole loaf on a cutting board with a tea towel or fabric napkin, and cut – or break – freshly at the table. We promise that if this is not a common practice in your home, it will make your event feel warm and special.

Fresh Flowers

We often talk about fresh flowers and recommend them for table settings, but it’s because we firmly believe that they add something special to any event. Easter too is the time of tulips and lilies, and both will add a fresh radiance to the table.

Sweet grazing

Easter lunch (or dinner) should be a long, relaxed affair, with plenty of time to catch up and converse. Furnish your table with pretty, edible snacks: a bowl of blueberries or strawberries, a bunch of fresh grapes, petit fours and pastries; these sweet treats can be eaten without crockery (three cheers for less dishes!) and are the perfect fare for grazing before and after a meal. It only happens once a year, so you should definitely make the most of it.